Last month, we’ve teamed up with WeBarre for an added dimension to your barre class. We experienced nenä themed Stretch and Techniques classes, where we incorporated our mist sprays and rollers, easing you into your stretch. 

At nenä, we formulate rituals and remedies for the urban warrior in you.

Meet Anabel, urban warrior and founder of WeBarre. Anabel has been practising barre since 2014 and has never looked back. In a short interview with her, we find out what wellness and barre means to her.

Wellness is a state of mind. What does wellness mean to you and what is one thing that never fails to put you in a better state of mind?

A: Wellness is the process of awareness and the act of choosing to be healthy and fulfilling in your mind, body and spirit. It is in the simple acts of self-care and self-love, and taking time to appreciate the small things. All these come together to empower you to live and feel your best.

How do you get creative with your barre sequences/practise? 

A: I challenge myself to think outside the box: how can i do the same thing, but differently? I get inspired by attending other types of fitness classes – be it yoga, pilates, Ballet or HIIT and I always write down 1 thing that I can learn from.

What does balance mean to you?

A: Balance is the key to life. Everything in you exists in a delicate balance. Finding balance is a lifetime project, because you are constantly evolving.

What does being an urban warrior mean to you?

The urban warrior is a hustler – they know what they want, fight for what they believe in, turn their fear into self-confidence to channel their power. My urban warrior juggles an intricate balance of their careers, relationships, family and self-love.

WeBarre opened its doors in January 2016 and is Singapore’s first boutique barre studio, dedicated to all things barre. It is housed in beautiful quaint shophouses along the bustling Tanjong Pagar and Telok Ayer, right in the heart of the CBD. The WeBarre workout brings together ballet technique, yoga, pilates and strength training in an invigorating workout, all done to the beat of the music. Build strength and sculpt your body through graceful but impactful movements so you become leaner, develop posture and stand taller!

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