In this week’s WeBarre feature, we meet with Joie, instructor at WeBarre and definitely your urban warrior. We find out how Joie maintains her cheery disposition and balance in life while juggling the rigours in this concrete jungle. 

n: What time do you start and end your day?

J: I get up at 5 AM and go to bed at 9 PM, and usually asleep before 10 PM. I’m a morning person, and setting my bedtime that early makes me more motivated during the day to get all my things done instead of procrastinating.

n: What are some of your rituals/practises to get you ready for a barre class?

J: Rockin’ out to dance music to get myself hyped up! I like to do silly moves like “flossing” or badly-executed twerking because they not only loosen up my body and joints, it makes everyone else laugh! And laughter really takes away whatever stress and tension that are in the space, and puts everyone, myself included, in a positive and happy mood for working out.

n: How important is being in the moment to you and why?

J: It’s super important to me that I’m always present in the moment. Life is short and there’s no point wasting too much time dwelling on what’s past, or worrying about what’s to come. I used to over-think things obsessively because I always wanted to be in “control” and things to be perfect, so being in the moment doesn’t come easily to me. But I’ve come to realize that every moment can be perfect if I adjusted my attitude, rather than trying to control the outcome or surroundings! Being in the moment, appreciating what’s going on, and if anything bad happens, I try to think: “What can I learn from this?” instead of “How could I have prevented this?” – this makes me happier, more positive and more content with life.

n: What are some of your personal rituals to help you cope with the rigours of living in a big city?

J: I try to find alone time each day to recharge my energy. Being around people is great, but too much gets overwhelming for me. One of the good things about not being bound to a 9-5 desk job is that I am able to go out during off-peak hours. I like going into a quiet restaurant during the lull hours and just having a meal all by myself, without having to interact with anyone.

Catch Joie in a stretch and techniques class at WeBarre! A beaming ball of sunshine, she will definitely leave you feeling positive and well stretched! 


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