Something significant has happened to us, to our planet Earth. Something so big it is comparable to an alien spaceship landing on the Padang in time for tea.

Yes, it is an US vs THEM scenario, all of us vs all of them. Humankind vs Covid-19.

So far it’s late in the first half but the score reads Covid 1 – 0 Humankind.

But this opinion piece is not about Covid-19, nor our human fight for survival, but rather about our opportunity to reset, to try to understand, and to embrace what it means to be a better human.

The time is now to get our houses in order. And by this we don’t mean Marie Kondo. Sure tidying up our spaces and decluttering is part of the process, but it goes much deeper than this.

Young woman deep in her yoga meditation – Copyspace

Can we try to declutter our minds and our relationships? Can we try to understand ourselves and our significant ones in a deeper way?

Do we have the courage to ask ourselves these questions?

Lets all use this time to take stock, to reset, to rewire and rebuild. To go into training, so we come out fighting stronger, wiser and kinder on the other end of this battle.

A better person can only come with a strong mind and a healthy body. Use this time at home to cleanse your space with nena’s Space Cleansing combination of 50ml natural essential oil spray and a handy 10ml spray.

Let us use this time off as an opportunity to build ourselves into better people and a better planet.

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