It is an old adage that we don’t truly understand or appreciate something until we actually lose it. And our human sense of smell is so evocative and emotive that it’s a great vehicle through which to explain this adage.

You see our sense of smell ages as we do as humans, but it also matures with the enhanced ability to process and appreciate finer aromas, be they wines or gustatory delights, or long remembered scents of trees, flowers or plants.

So how do we appreciate smell? Well we celebrate it. From the small things like the aroma of your favourite coffee shop, to that special perfume that reminds you of your mother or the flowers that bloom and emit wonderful radiant fragrances in your city of birth.

Because of the right brain connection we have between smells, emotions and memories, the human sense of sense is a tool to aid recollection of information (yep it’s a memory enhancer), and it’s a mood enhancer too in that smells are shown to boost positive mood by as much as 40%. Yes that’s a lot!

Research has shown how our human longevity is connected to our sense of smell, so appreciating it as a personal skill and cultivating it as you do a skill over time promises to keep us feeling and thinking young.

So in conclusion, try as a daily practice to bring smells you encounter into your conscious attention. Breathe them in and be present in the moment.

Follow that up with the nenä essential oil Nose health test kit. A tool to test our sense of smell during times of sickness and health. A keepsake asset for the entire family and safe learning for all ages, it contains 6 x instructional sniffer bottles, known as ‘olfaktors’, non liquid olfactory teaching aids.

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