How to Scent Your Home

Returning home. It’s a special moment that we can all relate to – even though many of us have not even left our homes for the past 6 weeks!

Smell is often the first impression that greets us the moment we step foot into our homes. We want it to be welcoming, clean, and of course speak to us! After all, it’s our own space.

When it comes to our homes, the right scent will bring mood and memory into the space. It will evoke character and express your personality or theme.  If a space smells fresh, it immediately feels comforting and inviting. If the smell is bad? It can make for a chaotic or disconnected household.

One of the easiest ways to bring freshness into our homes is by using a diffuser that releases essential oil. Why? They’re a much cleaner way to scent your home as compared to candles which discharge soot, AND you are releasing the natural ANTI-BACTERIAL, ANTI-FUNGAL, & ANTI-VIRAL broad spectrum fighting ability of Essential oils. 

A general tip is to keep the scent subtle. What we want is an overall feeling of revitalization, health and relaxation. Being able to control the intensity of the scent is therefore an important decision in selecting a diffuser for your home.

Scent might be one of the most overlooked aspects of home care but now we are realising that the freshness and cleanliness of our home air is as important as how it looks.

SPACE 1000 – The safest and purest way to deliver fragrance into your home.

Using Japanese architecture, SPACE 1000 releases the finest of fragrance particles into the air for maximum coverage. This plug and play WIFI enabled system will ensure your environment is both fresh and clean literally at the press of a button.

Now, choose your fragrance from 5 nena classic remedies: Calm, Peaceful, Slumber, Relaxed and Immunity

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