Renew your spirit with Bergamot

In nature, the bergamot orange’s sweet fragrance is beloved by bees and hummingbirds. So, it’s no wonder that in the human world, the scent of bergamot (extracted from the peel) is highly prized by perfumers. Bergamot is a bright, joyous oil that can enhance your mood, concentration and confidence. Its uplifting fragrance with a complex citrus kick and a fresh, clean floral profile will have you feeling like you’re 15 again. Bergamot refreshes you when you’re feeling anxious or complacent, and encourages harmony and completeness in your being.
Common Uses: Bergamot oil is used to relieve stress and tension, to revive hair and skin, and even to soothe aching muscles. The oil also contains compounds that are antibiotic and antibacterial, and which can help lessen the sensitivity of nerves to pain. When diffused, it is a neurological tool – a powerful mood stabilizer that promotes calmness, clarity, and relaxation. To use, add 3-5 drops per 100ml of water in a diffuser. Create your own perfume by blending Bergamot with other oils like lavender, rosemary and geranium.