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Smelling is the new way of dieting.

“ We may have to watch not only what we eat, but what we smell”. Dr Meng Wang from Baylor’s Huffington Center on aging says. Good news for all the food lovers out there who are trying to lose some weight. The Baylor research team has found that certain scents might trigger changes in fat […]

A well kept sense of smell linked to better quality of life

A new study from the University of East Anglia reveals the huge range of emotional and practical impacts caused by a loss of smell. It finds that almost every aspect of life is disrupted – from everyday concerns about personal hygiene to a loss of sexual intimacy and the break-down of personal relationships. The researchers […]

Home Safe Home

How to Scent Your Home Returning home. It’s a special moment that we can all relate to – even though many of us have not even left our homes for the past 6 weeks! Smell is often the first impression that greets us the moment we step foot into our homes. We want it to […]

How to ensure sense of smell is appreciated

It is an old adage that we don’t truly understand or appreciate something until we actually lose it. And our human sense of smell is so evocative and emotive that it’s a great vehicle through which to explain this adage. You see our sense of smell ages as we do as humans, but it also […]