Geranium is the Mother of all Scents

You could call this one of the friendliest of oils. Geranium is a great healer that brings consolation to those who are hurt, in crisis or lack self-esteem. Geranium encourages a balanced, secure state that’s tranquil and steady. Its rose-like scent with minty tones is so comforting that it’s a little like Mum’s right there with you, holding your hand.
Common Uses: Geranium essential oil is great to use in skin care, not only for its delightful aroma but it has also been known for its action in balancing the production of sebum. It’s also a tonic for better circulation and has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system, the liver and kidneys. This floral oil is fantastic for balancing the hormonal system and for pre-menstrual and menopausal symptoms. Add 5-10 drops of geranium oil to a diffuser to enjoy several hours of its benefits. Or, add 1-2 drops to your moisturizer or shampoo as part of your daily routine.