SPACE x nenä Essential Oil Diffuser

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SPACE 1000 – Service Contract for Singapore

No App – Intensity to be controlled with maximum capacity running at 60 % – 75%

Based on 12 hour consumption – 7 days

Actual cartridge Size in ML – 800ML – 1 cartridge to last 60 days @ Intensity controlled, since it’s 90 days in terms of delivery.

Choose your fragrance from 5 nena classic remedies:

  • Calm 

Lavender, orange and sandalwood make for a unique blend that banish stress and anxiety, making you feel all loose and mellow.

  • Peaceful 

Geranium brings steadiness, while earthy patchouli and sweet geranium have a tension-relieving, healing effect. Beautiful rose fights depression and boosts self-esteem, helping to bring you back into the present moment. Take it in, and relax – all is well with the world.

  • Relaxed 

Gentle and calm, oils of grounding cedarwood, energizing mandarin, balancing ylang-ylang and restful lavender all work together to make you feel at ease.

  • Slumber 

Vetiver, lavender and frankincense make for the most beautiful, dreamy blend that makes going to bed a treat.

  • Immunity 

‘B*tch slap bacteria into submission’. Notes of note: Antibacterial, antifungal and even anti-viral, this bright and fresh triage of Fresh Ginger, Bergamot & Frankincense combine to purify the air and uplift your mood.

Complimentary 10ml immunity spray with every space units purchased. 

Calm, Peaceful, Relaxed, Slumber, Immunity



No. of Cartridges

1, 3, 6


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