Tagete (Madagascar) Essential Oil

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Fruity wonderland

Widely used in perfumery, Tagete, also known as Wild Marigold, is a sweet, fruity scent with sparkling notes of apple and candy. Coming from the flowering marigold plant in the sunflower family, this is an oil that helps with coughs and congestion. In traditional medicine, it’s also long been used to heal wounds and cuts, and has a strong reputation as an anti-fungal agent.

Common Uses: Tagete has been used to help with chest infections and coughs, helping to dislodge congestion. Add several drops to a diffuser to help with respiratory function. Tagetes is also useful in healing minor wounds, cuts and fungal infections. Add a drop to a cream or lotion to help with such conditions. Only apply at night, as Tagetes is photo-toxic. Also avoid while pregnant.
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Ingredients: Tagetes minuta Oil
Botanical Name: Tagetes minuta
Common Name: Tagete
Counry of Origin: France
Plant Part: Flowering herb
Extraction method: Steam distilled
Note: Top
Strength/Intensity: Medium
Character: Herbaceous, sweet, fruity and almost citrus-like

10ml, 30ml

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