Keep me close to your heart with Ylang

Ylang is a heady fragrance, often considered to be heady and sensual. Floral and soft, with a creamy vanilla, tropical background, Ylang is dreamy but energizing scent used in some cultures by newlyweds on their wedding night. It has positive effects on the emotions – elevating feelings of warmth and togetherness, negating jealousy and anger – while it works on a physical level to help regulate the heartbeat.
Common Uses: Ylang ylang has traditionally been used for its calming and balancing properties. It has been known to help calm excitable minds, and relieve extreme mood swings associated with PMS. It reputedly is good for balancing the hormones, increasing blood circulation, and is useful for those who experience rapid breath and heartbeat. Diffuse a few drops of Ylang to enjoy its vapours in the home or work space. Or, add a few drops to a warm bath. Add a drop to your moisturizer or to your sheets to enjoy its fragrance, and to feel its mood-enhancing benefits.